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Warning: The descriptions in this story and a photograph of a public lynching are graphic and disturbing.

Good Black Man For A St. Petersburg Woman

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PetersburgFloridaUnited States, by a mob of 1, white men, women and children.

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Vigilantes storm the jail

Never before have two black women served on the body at the same time. Figgs-Sanders is also the first African American to serve District 5, which covers the southern tip of the city and includes Lakewood Estates and Pinellas Point.

And because Figgs-Sanders replaced term-limited Steve Kornell, the council now has six women. That is the most ever, according to St. Petersburg Museum of History archives. The other new council member, Robert Blackmon, also made history. At 30, he is the youngest person ever to sit on the City Council, the museum said, and is the first voice on council from a new generation.

He replaced Charlie Gerdes as the District 1 representative.

Their additions push forward St. The eight-member body now features six women. Two of them are black and two are openly gay.

The age difference between the oldest council member, Ed Montanari, and Blackmon is 31 years. Before the new council members took their oaths, the outgoing City Council held its final meeting, allowing for an emotional send-off of Gerdes and Kornell. Both received a commemorative trophy in recognition of their combined 18 years of service.

And you do it with grace. Gerdes, as he is known to be, was the most emotional. Kornell, a champion of equality, left his colleagues with a charge: root out discrimination and prejudice.

After a short break, the council reemerged. Montanari, the new chair, called to order his first meeting, with Figgs-Sanders and Blackmon on the dais.

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Women, and black women, make history in St. Petersburg The City Council never before had six women, or two black women, serving together. By Josh Solomon. Published Jan. Related: St. Up next: Race to complete St. Pete Pier by spring heading into final lap. Josh Solomon St. Petersburg City Hall Reporter. Accusations of unprofessionalism fly at St. Guess what? George Floyd was murdered a year ago.